Total employee care

Work flexibility

Workers can have flexible schedules both in the office and remotely.

Career path

We not only recruit talented individuals, but actively work to develop our team’s professional skills.

Cozy office

Our offices are based in Sala D2, it’s great locations for transport and amenities.

A choice of technologies

Our teams are able to choose the software packages they will use to complete projects.

Salary reviews

We’re firm believers in rewarding our employees for their perfomance, and so staff salaries are regularly reviewed and achievements recognised.

Medical insurance

 Here we care about to health, safety and well-being of our employees.

Our recruitement process

There are a few steps in the recruitment process at Amagumo Labs. Here’s what you can expect when you apply:


CV Review

In your CV review, you will  get  feedback in 2 days. The recruiter will review your resume based on the overall appearance and level of professionalism.


HR Interview

This part takes about 30-45 minutes to complete. We will talk in person about your previous experience and your motivation to join us – do your research! We will also check the culture match which is important to us.


Coding/ Task

The nature of this step is dependent on the position applied for. For example, coders will have to pass the Codility test.


Technical Interview

The technical section of the interview generally takes around 90 minutes. In this time, a technical recruiter will discuss your experience and abilities and assess your suitability for the role. Be prepared to present examples of challenges you have faced in previous roles, and the types of prjects you have worked on.


Final Interview

The final part of the interview lasts around 45 minutes. In this time, the Head of Department will focus on finding out more about your motivation and future career plans. They will also take the opportunity to give you more insight into the company, its teams and future plans.

How we work

Projects are handled in teams, each led by skilled and experienced Project Managers. We believe in giving individuals and teams the autonomy to choose the methods and technologies they use to tackle their assigned projects.

We use a system of quarterly Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) company-wide to identify, plan and track our business and team objectives, as well as individual development targets for the staff. This framework for goal-setting, originally developed at Intel, is in use at many top-tier technology companies, including Google.

Our Values

At Amagumo Labs we have six core values that we adhere to in our daily work. They all relate to our ultimate mission to change the world through technology.



We aim to achieve measurable success in our field, to continually adapt to the changing market and technology, and to be an example of accomplishment.



Above all, we value the individuals that make up our company. Respect and dignity are fundamentally important to us, as is ensuring that an air of flexibility and enjoyment permeate our workplace.



Responsibility at all levels: for ourselves and our co-workers, for the company and what it stands for, and for the environment in which we live and work.



Freedom of choice: We believe in our teams’ abilities to determine how, when and where to approach the tasks in hand. We avoid micromanagement and encourage mutual trust.



Improvement without limits: We support all aspects of personal and professional development, not only on a technical level but also emotionally, socially and financially.



Creative solutions: Our aim is to attain unique results by encouraging imaginative approaches across all the services we offer.

We’re Hiring

 What we are looing for is creation, passionate and great skilled people to join our Amagumo Labs team. Take a look at the job offers below and see whether there’s one that suits your experience.

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