The Flora Natura mobile app is both an extensive knowledge base as well as a commerce platform and as such, presented unique challenges for our developers. We solved it by working closely with them, gathering all the product informations, and buiding two interdependent modules on a singular base – effectively linking the knowledge part with the online shopping experience.

Project Name
Flora Natura, naturopathy and plants discovery app

Mobile app design and development

iOS / Android

Mobile Application

The Situation

Flora Natura, Number 1 in food supplements under the Nature et Progress label, puts its knowledge of medicinal plants at your disposal.

Our team of naturopaths, assisted by medicinal plant specialists, will help you choose the plants suited to your needs. This application is a simple and intuitive tool which will allow you to develop your knowledge about medicinal plants and their benefits.

The Challenge

Building a platform that allows anyone from naturopaths and specialists to students in medicine to use and develop their knowledge about medicinal plants and their benefits requires an expressive framework combined with elegant syntax and an insightful UX design.

Our Solution

The application that we developed is intended to be a powerful tool not only for students in pharmacy & herbal medicine but also for anyone who wishes to learn how to meet their needs through plants. The Flora Natural application has multidimensional access to plant monographs, typical profiles and associated vegetations while containing a large glossary of the most technical terms used around medicinal plants. This project demonstrates our capabilities of tailoring each client’s specific needs, making our work intuitive yet simple and user-friendly to use.

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