To Every Product & Its Own Story

Each and every product is distinct, and we believe that respecting this uniqueness is key to deliver quality work. Taking this mindset into account, we work with our customers to ensure a complete understanding of their needs, their vision, and the past and future of their particular project. Our reward is your success.

Amagumo Labs adheres to the Manifesto for Agile Software, putting a strong emphasis on collective effort, collaboration and adaptability. Only by interaction can we conduct high-value projects, and create quality products.

Our Work Process, Step-By-Step

Product development at Amagumo Labs is conducted through flexible, agile methods, as we always tailor to your needs. Here is a sample of our working process.

Project Kickoff

To successfully kickoff a project, we need to explore all the various needs, user expectations, as well as the project history itself, as it allows for deeper understanding of the product lifecycle. This phase allows our team to prime development and get ready to start production.

Conducting a discovery workshop allows for uncovering of the project's background, indentifying technical requirements, initial scope of work. We'll plan development cycles, deliverables and increments accordingly.

Product Development

This is, quite simply, where the magic happens and your project starts being brought to life. We'll work on your ideas, repeating phases over and over until completion. Agile methods allows us to plan efficiently for incremental development, delivering valuable additions with each production cycle. Key cycle elements include :

Cycle Planning

Work is planned for an interval – called a Sprint. Usually, a Sprint will last 2 weeks. In coordination with you, we plan feature development and implementation, in order for each Sprint to end in a perfect delivery.

Valuable Sprint Delivery

Sprints are planned to divide development into smaller increments so that progress can be ascertained. After each increment delivered, you will receive a testable, completed piece of the final product.

Sprint Retrospective & Feedback

As honesty and transparency are key to our work process, giving and receiving feedback is of utmost importance. We will work with you after each Sprint to improve the process and meet the end goals together.

Staff Augmentation

With our staff augmentation service, increase your development capacities in a heartbeat during times of pressure or rapid changes. From temporary ressource boosting to expert consulting or technical support, Amagumo Labs can provide a quick response to your business needs.

What to remember when contacting us for a staff augmentation :

Our team work with Agile Methods.

Each project needs a unique and proven toolset.

Our priorities are code quality and stability.

Our motivation is bringing products to life

Transparency & Honesty

Our philosophy of cooperation and team effort guarantees the following :


Ressource-based billing

Your total bill will be based on the number of hours worked by the project team, with full transparency. No hidden costs, no fixed minimum.


Extensive project tracking

Our time logs are completely open and transparent, allowing you real-time access to work-in-progress task estimates, and expended workload.


Dedicated project coordinators

Liaise directly with your team, supported by dedicated project managers ensuring smooth coordination and complete cooperation.


NDA upon request

Amagumo Labs is entirely open to signing NDAs, protecting your ideas and projects in all ways, as we understand it is a crucial point for any company to guarantee data security.


Directly accessible development

Following the transparency principles, the development environment and repositories are directly accessible, at all time. This also helps guarantee cooperation between teams and developers.


Time zone management

Regular reports and planning sessions, as well as round-the-clock communication channels, alleviate risks inherent to time zone difference and ease communication.

Tools of the Trade

We select tools according to the project’s specifics and needs, not the other way round. You will find a few examples of our favourite productivity softwares.

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