Our Web Development Experience

Stellar Front-End.

Ever hoped for an intuitive, insightful, user-friendly look for your website ? That is exactly what our front-end developers will deliver for you, with the utmost care placed in fuiction and quality.

Rock-solid back-end.

Our back-end team is comprised of seasoned developers, readily adapting to multiple frameworks and technologies in order to match project specifications and create secure, maintanable back-end solutions.

Built exactly for you.

No project is the same, and Amagumo Labs takes pride in creating tailor-made solutions, no matter the product specificities. Picking through a variety of solutions, we’ll adapt technologies and processes to your needs.

Flawless tracking.

Our project managers and lead developers will track every step of the project, from inception to completion, and keep you informed all the way to the final delivery, through any channel. We extensively use Slack, GitHub, […] all along development to ensure a smooth process – and a smooth delivery.

Back-end showcase

Developing purposeful software with sophisticated back end is definitely our thing. For instance, take Language Muse, a web-based application designed to support American teachers of English language.

Built from scratch for Education Testing Service of the USA, it helps teachers improve their language classes by automatic generation of educational materials. Language Muse’s linguistic feedback component based on NLP (Natural Language Processing) technologies explores a text provided by a teacher and makes it easier to prepare related exercises.

Front-end showcase

Putting a strong emphasis on very visual project without compromising readability is a tough challenge on any portfolio website. When T3 Architects approached us with their project, we took it upon us to deliver a visually-stunning website, with easily expandable and manageable showcase, without compromise. Based on our designer’s experience and their vision, we created a beautiful portfolio, worthy of their projects and showing their craftsmanship and our desire for quality, with the following features:

Infinitely expandable showcase
Easily sortable by users
Leading to internal dedicated projects pages


Our average score at Clutch is


Check Out Our Web Technology Stack

In delivering scalable, flawlessly working apps, top-notch technology stack is a must. Here are the web development solutions we rely on to deliver high quality applications.


The optimal programming language for cross-platform applications, used by Dropbox, Spotify or Netflix

React Js.

A perfect library for dynamic, state-of-the-art applications.


The framework that empowers developers to create scalable, real-time, event-driven applications.

Vue js.

Progressive and lightweight framework for building user interfaces. Suitable for both small and large-scale Single Page Applications.


Developed by Google, this framework is used for building client-side applications with optimal structure.


The must-have combo for any web application software.

Web Applications Development

We work with Large Enterprises as well as Startups and NGO.

Our portfolio includes standard applications like:

  • Inventory, Order and Invoices system for Furnitures and Linen industries (Japan and France)
  • Point Of Sales for retail and restaurant (Vietnam)
  • Commodities Trading App (Hong-Kong)

…but also very specific applications for startups and tech companies:

  • Uber-like platform for wastes management (FR)
  • Synthesio-like app for Stakeholders management (Africa continent)
  • Quality control and follow-up platform for large convenient stores chain (Japan)
  • CRM and Opportunity managements for Law firm (International firm)

Case study

TIEN PHAT Group is a construction company belonging to the HOA BINH GROUP.

MY PROJECTS is a kind of online MS PROJECT specialized for construction projects. It can manage infinite levels of tasks (contrary to MS PROJECT)



App Back Office : Laravel, MySQL
Front-end: ReactJS


Companies from all around the world entrusted us in their web application development. Here is just a sample of clients we had a pleasure to cooperate with:

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