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Why mobile app development?

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Reach wider

50% of worlwide web traffic is generated by mobile and wearable devices, and that goes up to 80% in some countries. Mobile and tablets are blending together in what is not a trend anymore.

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Reach deeper

While both websites and applications are available on mobile, only 10% of user time is spent browsing. Applications allow to penetrate that remaining 90%, and bring better retention.

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Reach bigger

Encompassing in-app purchases and advertising, revenues generated by mobile applications exceed $100B / year. Around 10% of the global retail revenue comes from mobile purchases !

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Reach directly

Through a mobile application features, such as push notifications, you can directly speak to customers, customizing coupons, ads and discount to automatically build brand loyalty.

Some of our Mobile Development Projects

Pax Sky Office Building Tour And Visit Booking App


This mobile App showcase all the PAXSKY office building in Ho Chi Minh City. User can view a detailed plan of available offices for rent and schedule a visit with a sales person directly from the app.


UX/UI: we designed a high-fidelity with Sketch
Mobile App: REACT NATIVE for iOS and Android
Back Office : Laravel, MySQL

My Life Company Restaurants Loyalty App


MyLife Company App is a the loyalty app for MyLife Company an F&B group with 4 brands and more than 25 coffees and restaurants in  Ho Chi Minh City..

Clients can book a table and collect loyalty points. The app communicate with the restaurant POS system.


UX/UI: we designed a high-fidelity with Sketch
Mobile App: REACT NATIVE for iOS and Android
API: 3rd party vendor (POS)

Flora Natura, Naturopathy And Plants Discovery App


Are you interested in medicinal plants like us?
Your profession and training call for certain knowledge which may be distant and / or not very deep.

To help you better understand medicinal plants, we have developed the Flora Natura application!

Flora Natura is the application on medicinal plants available on Android and iPhone.
Android: id=com.laboratoires.scientianatura.floranatura

With Flora Natura®️ access the knowledge of medicinal plants!

Our app is 100% free.

Flora Natura®️, Number 1 in food supplements under the Nature et Progress label, puts its knowledge of medicinal plants at your disposal.

Why work with Amagumo Labs?

We pride ourselves in making top-of-the-line applications, using trusted technologies ans solid coding to deliver quality products. Tailoring to each project’s specific needs, our design team will make sure that your application is intuitive while our developers will produce bedrock-stable code to meet your expectations.


Full Stack Services.

Our teams will take care of your design, front-end and back-end needs, all the while ensuring maintenance. From A to Z, Amagumo Labs can handle the brunt of the production, smoothly coordinating with you to deliver products of the highest quality.


Platform Agnostics.

Be it for iOS or Android, we'll natively develop solutions that suit any platform, keeping in mind their own specificities and guaranteeing the best possible user experience on different supports.


Smooth, Coordinated Process.

During the development process, we couple tried-and-true tools with Agile methods, delivering reliable apps and seamlessly coordinating with your teams to preserve your vision. We pride ourselves in tailor-made solutions - and those cannot be buil without interaction with you.

Tailor Made Applications for iOS and Android


From our UX designers down to our back-end developers, teams at Amagumo Labs are heavily focused on delivering the best of the best, by creating user-friendly, stable solutions from your applicative needs.

Our Process – How Does Amagumo Labs develop mobile apps ?

We work with you on all the different stages of your project lifecycle, from Exploration and Design when we define needs and technologies until Maintenance when we ensure that your solution stays on top condition for your users. Discover more about our work process on How We Work.

Scoping Session Team Extension MVP/PoC Product Design & Development Product Maintenance & Support Workshops DISCOVERY PHASE END TO END SOLUTION

Mobile Technologies – What do we Use to Build Apps?

Mobile application development involves skill and expertise in iOS and Android technical nuts and bolts. That’s exactly what we deliver when we work on your product. Our team uses up-to-date, reliable solutions tailored to your needs.


Mobile operating system working on Apple hardware.


Open source mobile operating system.

React Native.

Framework allowing to build native mobile apps using JavaScript and React.


Google's framework allowing to build cross-platform mobile apps using Dart.

Mobile Apps development

We use modern mobile development frameworks like React Native(Facebook) or Flutter (Google).

For our customers the advantages of such platform are:

  • Code reusability for both platform (iOS and Android)
  • Cost effective
  • Handy Solutions and Libraries
  • Third party plugins

We usually combine our mobile apps with 3rd party solution like Firebase (Google) in order to manage light backend database and notifications.

Looking for other services?


Data analytics + BI

Our Developers and Operations are working together to build and maintain highly available and reliable infrastructure as well as support you to deliver your digital product or service faster.


Web Development

We provide both back-end and front-end development. Our teams build web applications powered by bulletproof code, with stunning interfaces based on responsive web design.


Dedicated team

UX/UI design for desktop and mobile applications and branding
identity – all brought to you by one expert team.

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